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Supporting young artists through sharing art with local businesses

What is one4one?


The students of the Estey Art Initiative are proudly lending out their masterpieces that they've created in our program. They know that for every piece of their art that is hung, another deserving child can participate in our fine art program. They are so proud to pay it forward and have their work displayed!

Their art will be framed and displayed in a business for 1 year! The business owner who hangs it will make a financial gift to The Estey Art Initiative so that another child may access our non profit program. After the 1 year, we will return the art work to the artist.

When you rent an art piece, you will have access to a local child’s unique art work. We will frame and deliver it to you. Your “borrowing fee” will cover the full cost of another child being able to take our art program.


Your employees, customer and visitors will be very pleased to see that you support children as they build self confidence and creative expression through art.


You make The Estey Art Initiative’s work possible. Our children, families and art instructors thank you.

the rental of a one4one will...



Pay for a child in grade 3, 4, or 5 to take our inclusive art program.



Provide you with an 18x24 beautifully framed one of a kind piece of art from that local student for one year.



Allow a young students to feel like a gallery artist by having their art displayed.



Create joy and pride for everyone involved.


Does your child want to loan their estey art work?

Please contact us directly! They can be a current or past student. We encourage them to take part in this philanthropic initiative where they will make a difference.

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