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Our mission is to inspire and initiate the act of art-making, instilling lifelong benefits through the creative process. 

The Estey Art Initiative is a transformational art program that is offered to children all over New Brunswick. Students will gain self confidence, sense of pride, and a sense of accomplishment through the direction of our talented Art Instructors.

In each session, the student artists will draw a new subject, and are encouraged to make their art intuitively and unique to their personalities with the use of the many art mediums that we use. Art instructors teach the curriculum step by step, breaking down concepts to make the overall picture achievable.


Not only do the student artists learn how to draw the subject in steps but then are also provided with a live demonstration of how to use a specific art medium to get the best results for their art from professional artists. That is when the student artists can unleash their potential and creativity to make their art their own. In this program encourages self expression, mindfulness, and gives children a lifelong coping skill.

Meet The Team


Founder, CEO, and Artist

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KElly MIddleton
Customer Care Specialist 

Our instructors

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PO Box 442, Station A, Fredericton NB E3B4Z9 

Tel: 1(506) 474-2430

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